What is happening?


The lovely ladies at Forgotten Feet come to us either once per month, or every other month. They usually fit in around 7 of our customers within one session (alongside our breakfast service), depending on what needs to be done.

Forgotten Feet was set up in 2013 where Podiatrists and Foot health Practitioners volunteer their time. Their vision is to set up clinics in as many towns as possible, where a need is identified, creating a network of free foot care for the poorest in society throughout the UK.


We have a committed hairdresser who tries to come into Carecent around every 8 weeks. Sue was part of Carecent before the pandemic and has continued to offer her time afterwards.

We also have the pleasure of having Jody Toner as part of our volunteer team – he also offers his time outside of his usual volunteering day.

You forget how much a haircut can make a difference to someone’s day – it can provide a feeling of pride and self-confidence. One guy recently said whilst looking in the mirror after his haircut, ‘there he is’, as if he had found part of himself.

Thursday Afternoons

We are also open on Thursday afternoons – these are meant to be enrichment sessions where we can do activities, workshops or host drop-ins that our customers can access. Recently we had ‘make your own pizza’ session where everyone rolled out their own dough and decorated their pizza with their own choice of toppings.

One of the most important things of these afternoon sessions, is that everyone comes together as one. There is not a divide of customers and volunteers – we all do the activities together.